Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mighty Morgan

I lived in the cesspool of active addiction for over 12 years
of my life. In the past two years I have redefined and
recreated every aspect of myself in order to never return
to that life.

After playing by the so called "rules" I lost the life I had
worked so hard to regain.

In the bitter grips of desperation I made a decision to
change my life. I choose to challenge myself as well as the
universe at large with my question....

"Is it possible to transform ones life in the course of thirty

days in such a way that can only be
described as a miracle?"

"Is anything truly possible?"

Answers that can only be discovered from within the depths
of oneself...

I became willing to challenge every belief I learned throughout
my life that has created the limited life of my existence.

In the end was only the beginning and I discovered that
anything was and is possible once
I had decided it was.....

-The First Experiment-

The Experiment
Day One..My Hopes
Day Two...The Process of Acceptance
Day Three.... Letting go of the Luggage

Day Four... Spiritual Detox
Day Five..... Spiritual Vitamins
Day Six.. Another Look

Day Seven... Awakening
Day Eight... The Journey Forward
Day Nine.... Putting the pieces together
Day Ten....Finding My Way.
Day 11... Getting Ahead

Day 12 & 13 …….. Filling the empty spaces.
Day 14....... Never Alone
Day 15..... Halfway Where?

Hi My Name is Morgan and I'm a Schmoozer
Day 17... Stepping through the door.
Day 18... Eyes Wide Open
Day 19 & 20.....Home

Day 21.....
Day 22...... Spiritual Nourishment
Day 23....... Nothing but Silence.

Day 24..... Higher Power or Lower Power
Day 25......Looking Ahead.
Day 26...The Bigger Picture
Day 27.....Believing Again
Day 28...Finding the Beat.
Day 29 ... Cycles
Day 30 ... New Shoes

The Next Steps....................


The Fearless Blog said...

Congratulations for choosing the road less travelled. I do believe in miracles, just as I believe that the human spirit is great, a gift from God and with him and your inner strength and determination you can accomplish anything.
I think you would find Robert Frost's poem The Road Less Travelled quite interesting to read and hear. Check it out at

Mighty Morgan said...

Thanks for your support..I have found that it may be the road less traveled, but one in which many would like to travel upon. I am familiar with Robert Frost's poem and sometimes feel as though I am on that very road he wrote about so long ago