Monday, October 1, 2007

Day 28 ... The Yetta Strikes Back

I met my new grandma this weekend.
I hated every second of it.
I realized I would have been a HORRIBLE child of divorce.
I was of course cordial

I remembered when I was in junior high school.

My brother broke up with his girlfriend of 6 years.......I was devastated and swore to be mean to the next one.
I cracked in a second.
I can't be mean.
And she was nice.

Yetta wasn't NOT nice.
but she was slightly opinionated
I guess at 80 you no longer feel the need to impress

I wasn't expecting to feel so weird.
I wasn't expecting to feel so territorial
This is not my grandma - this is not the woman who loved me
I don't have to forgive her gruffness.

But I never showed my grandpa I was feeling this.
Some of my cousins are being so rude about it.

He is almost 90
I do want him to be happy
I was cordial, but distant
My mom did a lot of the talking
My mom is an amazing woman.


And not just because she got be that gray coach bag
She us simply put a LADY

I felt like a petulant child
I felt like a brat
A Terrible Two-er
A bitch

I am an adult so I had the capacity to hold it in.
But if this were happening and I was 16........
Yetta would be faced with an enemy akin to Darth Vader

I think on a deeper level I am recognizing that maybe I was never that close with my grandpa.
I love him, but I never recognized how much my visits were about my grandma and me.

Men get the namesake
But believe me
Society as I know is still a MATRIARCHY
women rule the roost.
Hilda rules Morty's for 66 years
And now it is Yetta.

I wonder if I will be a brides maid?
I hope they don't kiss with tongue!

SO clearly I am not totally comfortable with this.
At least......
Not YET(ta)

Hope and Love,
Soul Dancer


Colin said...

hhhhmmmm, the Yetta Strikes Back...sounds like Attila the Hun is making a comeback then?
I never knew either of my grandpa's, and only met my grandma's once, when my parents kind of ushered us kids into the room, we had to say 'hello' and leave the room!! That was it!
As for my parents, well dad died young and never knew his grandchildren, and mum a few years later only survived long enough to know 3 of her 8 grandchildren.

I have a neighbor in his late 80's and he doesn't have a kind word to say about anyone. His wife puts up with him because I guess they are of that generation. But the man is an intolerable, verbal bully, hates kids whereas I encourage them to kick their footballs, ride their cycles, get on their skateboards, splash in puddles and more. Now it really winds this guy up, but I was a kid once too, and I haven't forgotten it.
Grow old disgracefully, it's much more fun :)

Love the post SD

Take care

Tom said...

Found your blog through Geoffs. We work together and he told me about your writing and he was right you are a beautiful writer. Keep up the great work and good luck with yetta.

Soul Dancer said...

thanks for the comment Colin! Too funny.....i have a friend who can't wait to be an old man in diapers so his kids will know what he went through - crazy!

Take care,
Soul Dancer

Soul Dancer said...

Tom - thank you so much!!! I am at the end of my writing for a month -THOUGH I have actually written for two with slight delays! I plan on continuing, though not sure where! I am always honored by words of encouragement.

Soul Dancer