Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Day Seven...Awakening

I just was outside lying on the grass looking above as the stars waltzed across the midnight sky.

The more I let go of the more I am allowing myself to remember who it is I am.
Because at some point in time I decided that who I was wasn't good enough.

Smart Enough.
Tall Enough.
Pretty Enough.
(Fill in the Blank) Enough

I didn't want to be me.

I was scared to be me.

Who planted the seed in me that I wan't good enough?
And why did I allow it to grow so out of control within me?

667 days ago was the last time I stuck a needle in my arm.

7 days ago I gave myself permission be exactly who I wanted to be.


It's late and I need to get sleep......

Until Tommorow,

Mighty Morgan


Mazingerkid said...

Awakening, that´s a painful word, I think you´ve grasped the meaning, I too share some of your hobbies, specially things that make me feel good, like writing this comment or sharing nature´s beauty. The world is a fascinating place, Crowded with trees, birds, and people, I´m actually glad more people can realize. Abrazo

MightyMorgan said...

Your words are very comforting as usual...thank you

Ross12345 said...

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