Saturday, September 22, 2007

Day 26 ... If it looks like a Jew and it talks like a jew

No this is not some vicious antisemitic posting.

Wednesday until today at sundown is the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah. Basically it is the Jewish New Year.

I like to call it Jew Year's Eve - and in my mind's eye I have visions of Jackie Mason hosting the Rocking Jew Year's Eve special (early bird at 4:30 of course) where we count down from ten to see the matzoh ball drop!

I have stated in my "about me" intro that I am a DANCER.
Another thing that defines me deeply is the fact that I am a Jew.
However, I fought it for a long time.
The thing about Judaism is that it is both a religion and an ethnicity.
People ask,

"How can that be?"

Well, Jews believe that we are part of a bloodline. Though we did not have land to call or own, and have been historically kicked out of nations, or worse...
The bloodline is why Jews don't believe in conversion. Converts are accepted, but Jews don't go out and do Join the Temple drives.

No crusades or Jihads for us.

I have two opposing opinions about that.

1. it is wonderful to know that your religion historically has not forced people to accept its ways
2. we are an elitist snobby religion

I stopped believing in the religious aspects of Judaism a long time ago. Though I believe in a spiritual being, I don't necessarily buy into the whole monotheistic judgement doom and gloom lord as spoken of by most of the western world.

I tried the whole devout Jew thing......

I took Hebrew in college and fell for one Mr. Adam Katz - a reform Jew at birth who became orthodox. Very hard. Do you know that if you are orthodox, you are not supposed to TOUCH till you are married.

Which is probably why they f*ck like rabbits and have all of those kids.

We had a few dinners, and I spent few Sabbaths with his family. He actually kissed me twice.

No tongue
But I was a total size 4 hottie back then as i barely ate carbs, danced 6 hours a day and ran for an additional 45 minutes per day.
He couldn't resist

It felt like a dirty little secret
who doesn't like a dirty little secret!

But I soon realized that I was not meant to be part of the orthodox life when I found myself at a college bar, dancing on top of the bar, in a less than orthodox approved outfit....
I realized I would never quite fit in.

I always observe the holidays. I love spending time with my family. As dysfunctional as they are, I do enjoy their company.
I think what I have discovered is a total case of how when younger, the world remains black and white. As our age increases, so does our understanding of the concept of "gray"....

I am not an orthodox Jew
I don't wear long skirts
I will not keep a kosher home


I will raise my kids with the religion
I love to celebrate the holidays with my family
I am KEENLY aware of cultural practices, mores, traditions that I take part of that are extremely "Jewish"

I am so happy to be at peace with that, and do not feel like a hypocrite, like I may have before.

I am a Jew!

Mazel Tov!

Hope and Love,
Soul Dancer


Geoff said...

Soul Dancer! It's been too long since I visited your blog...and as always, I am NEVER disappointed. Interesting fact....I always wanted to be Jewish! Isn't that weird for a gay boy in Idaho???? Anyway, I think the tenants of Judaism are beautiful..and I totally love the family dynamic (stereotypical or not)....I hope you had a fantastic Rosh Hashanah and I wish I could've seen you dancing on that bar!

Mike said...

Interesting blog.

I was born jewish, but have never personally understood it as a religion AND bloodline. As a matter of fact, when my small family was invited to an ultra orthodox jew event, my father and I were almost considered "outcasts" because we do not look jewish.

As far as the religion goes, I am, and have been as long as I can remember, an atheist.

I regret nothing. I especially like the fact that I know and love matzo balls, kishka, and fried matzo (almost as good as french toast.. better at certain times of the year).

Thanks for the read, it was great, and i'm still laughing about jew years eve!