Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Day 30 ... New Shoes

A new pair of sneakers once were the most magical things in the world. I remember believing that somehow and in someway they transformed me into the fastest kid on the block.

I would race up and down the stairs.
In and out the front door.
Down the block as fast as my little legs could take me.

Pigtails bopping.
Wind rushing by.

I was unstoppable.

It wasn't till I got a bit older did I realize that a new pair of shoes didn't made me any faster. Only that the excitement of the idea made them seem that way. As I grew older the idea grew smaller until one day I never thought much of magic or magic shoes.

I never thought of the adventure they used to carry.
Never thought of the places I once believed they would bring me to.
Never realized that it was never the shoes themselves
....only me.

I have placed a lot of importance on things outside myself for much of my life. Never recognized in all the beauty, all the wonder, all of the things I looked at with such awe were not outside of me....

They simply reflected all of what was inside of me.

I was the magic and I forgot.
But it was still there.
It's always been there.

I still felt within the darkness of night the silver, silence of the moon gazing down from above.
I still felt the love in the warmth of the sun that streamed down caressing and gently nudging everything to life.

I felt the magic....but felt apart from it.

Beliefs that life carried and which I choose to drag along for the ride left no room for the magic.
Only the grim and bleak outlook of the bitter experiences of those that had also forgot they too were the magic.

Trudging along the paths of my life I would sometimes catch glimpses.

The firery explosion of the sun as it sucumbed to the night.
Butterflies dancing together high into the deep blue of the afternoon sky.
The smell of a thousand dreams carried within the sweetness of a springtime breeze.

It was always there inside me.
It was still present in the way I saw things.
In the way I felt things.

I saw the absolute perfection of beauty reflected in every moment; yet felt powerless in the grand design of it all.

A lot of people have asked me what will happen at the thirty day mark?
Will I continue to write?
Will I extend the experiment further?

When I initially started this experiment I had no idea of the way my life would be effected. I did not have at the time an ability to conceive a life more then the one I had lived. I could not see past the very limitations I had created in my perception of the world. But I was willingly to remove these limitations.

Willing to find another way.
Willing to discover the magic again.
Willing to find myself again.

In a dark, dim corner filled with more hopelessness then hope is where this all began. My experience has revealed to me that the emptiness of hopelessness was actually the sparks of hope stirring from deep within

There is never a beginning or an end only the constant of change. I simply choose to allow the next part of my life to unfold before me as I continue forth in this process of discovery.

I look back at where I was and where I am now and find myself amazed at how I have traveled so far from the beginning. It all moved so quickly once I decided that my life was going to change for the better.

This is not the end...only the beginning.
I begin again from the discover more then I ever imagined.


Look at how fast I go.


Mighty Morgan

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~Deb said...

Zoom zoom!!! I loved the ending of this. Beautifully written. We should keep that excitement of life- that zest- the ummphh that puts that fire under our butt. It's sad that some people get older, they lose that flare.

Never let it die out!

Ashwin said...

Would be eagerly waiting for your next project/move do inform us what are your plans.

denny said...

Pretty cool Morgan... I too hope you keep writing.

Best of luck to you no matter what you do. :)

your friend

Rachel said...

The smell of a thousand dreams carried within the sweetness of a springtime breeze. --- beautiful!
it reminds of a passage in Gaiman's Brief Lives.

love the essence of this!

Colin said...

Morgan, you have a wonderful way with words and I hope that you continue to write as the reading is an inspiration to many.

Life can throw many thigs at us, but there are those who decide to do something positive and those who just go with the're definitely not the latter, good for you and well done.

Take care :o)

a Witness of the truth said...

I'd love to see these posts in a book. <~ hint hint. I have yet had a chance to start from the beginning of these posts but I absolutely will.
I'm curious how often you have went back to the beginning and reread what you've written and do you marvel at the change in yourself and your perspective?
I think being able to see the miracle of yourself and your surroundings is 1 of the greatest gifts we receive because it makes us thankful with our very existence and not just in words which without the life behind them are meaningless. Zoom Zoom!!!
In a world full of terrible things to witness, I'm always thankful for the wonderful things that refresh my soul and remind me that each one of us are God's greatest creations, thanks for the reminder Mighty Morgan :)

take care, Sherrell

2mara said...

You are amazing!

standalone said...

Is it going to have Day 31?

El Gigante Verdoso said...

Yes, YOU are the magic. And now you have your new pair of shoes you are unstoppable :)

Big hugs,

Geoff said...

One of my favorite memories was the result of my nephew receiving new shoes and making me promise to watch him run "because they were fast". Brava Morgan! Run fast in your shoes just take us along for the ride my friend.

BillyWarhol said...

i don't even believe in Jesus at this point*

WalksFarWoman said...

Mighty Marvellous Morgan...I can't stop thinking of you after seeing those 30 days are up. I thought - surely there's more but that's wishful thinking because I selfishly enjoy your writing style and your company. I want to see you begin a 20 year experiment now please...:) x

Ross12345 said...


I had that idea about shoes and infact I still do - new shoes rock!

denny said...

Hey Morgan... I keep coming back hoping for the next 30 days. Life is a journey even at 30 days at a time. You are a very inspiring writer and quite talented. Hope you come back to us... :)

ditto walksfarwomans' statement "a 20 year experiment now please..."

Hope everything is good with you.
your friend

Michael said...

Quite true and inspiring. Let's continue this for a while yet. Who knows what it will eventually create? You are an awesome writer!