Sunday, July 3, 2011

Losing it all

Here I am 15 lbs. lighter in 8 weeks and super duper excited! If I can lose that in 8 weeks time, imagine how much more I can lose if I stick with it! Now that motivates me to continue doing this whole low-carb lifestyle thing.

At first the reasons behind why I was trying it out was simply to lose the weight, but I have found that I lost a lot more in this short amount of time. Many of my so called "emotional" blocks as well as "spiritual" blocks seems to have been lifted to some degree.

What I means is that life feels inspiring again. It still has it's up's annd downs in the moment, but overall and in general my sense of self and well being feel lighter and lifted into a better state of being.

I know..that's sort of spacey, but how I feel none the less.

I started another blog... Mighty Delighty, it's all about my cupcakes and my passion for decorating them; I'm giving a go at trying build a business from home, because for now baking works. Ironically enough I make the most killer cupcakes and baked goods and yet I don't even dare to take the smallest lick of the batter or the tiniest bite of a cupcake. I'm just not willing to fall off this wagon I'm on for a taste of the deadly sweet.

So till my next weigh in.....

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