Friday, June 3, 2011


So today was the big weigh in...well not so big. But it was the point in time in which I told myself I was allowed to get back on the scale. And the big reveal......drum roll please.

I gained back three of the four pounds I lost on the fat fast, but ultimately still lost one pound since I started the fast fast. Bottom line, for me the fat fast wasn't something to permanently shed weight, just a tool to get me started after I stalled out for a bit. So the total weight loss for the month I have been following Atkins is a little over 9 lbs. Not so bad, wish it was more, but it's a start in what I hope and pray is the right direction.

On another note, I'm still a total bitch, I still am having cravings....Hopefully they both will pass soon...for the sake of those all around me, real soon.

Where I am at otherwise is sort of here, there and no where all at once. I'm not really sure who I am anymore, beyond being a Mother. I lost my groove sometime after I gave birth and just when I was getting it back...

Bammo...I got myself preggers again.

So here I am, wandering, wondering and hoping that as I keep writing that something inside of me takes hold and allows me to shine again, because for the most part I feel like a frumpy old Mom. Not such a good look or feel for me. All in all I got nothing for today, and I'm pretty positive I'm not going to write again this weekend, I just don't think I will have the time.

So until I find more time....

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