Thursday, June 2, 2011

6 Day Break

So what was supposed to be a three day weekend turned into a six day break from writing. Honestly I don't have much to say, I'm too busy being a complete and totally bitch.

I'm PMSing......and boy do I hate me right now.

I'm still sticking to my eating plan and I have been going to the gym. In the arena of the physical aspects of myself I am doing quite fine, but in the emotional arena of life, I'm failing miserably.

I was taking a supplement a few months ago called Maca Root, which really seemed to help the emotional Merry Go Round I had been stuck on month to month. But when I started changing my eating habits, I stopped taking any supplements, since I wasn't sure if they would have a negative effect on what I was trying to accomplish.  But in hindsight, I think I will have to start taking them again, because...


I'm craving food like I used to, but without the actual desire to act out and eat high carb, sugar laden foods. Sort of a weird place to be in...craving and not craving at the same time. But I guess after acting on those impulses during my cycle for so many years, it's a habit that still will rear it's ugly head. On a positive note...I have not cheated or fell victim to any cravings!

So tomorrow is the 3rd of June and the day in which I will weight myself. For the most part I have not obsessed about it till today. This morning I was going to jump on the scale, But talked myself out of it, only because I am trying, trying, trying really hard not to act on my obsessions; what ever form they may take in a given moment in time.

But for now that is all the time I have, my little one just awoke from her nap!

Till Tomorrow!

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