Saturday, May 21, 2011


So here I am...another day, the third day to be exact; and that determination, that willingness, that fire I felt burning within me a few days back...

It has sort of, kind of simmered down a bit.

It's late Saturday night, well past the predicted time of rapture that was supposed to occur. I really wanted to stay snuggled in my bed  and get all into a new book I just downloaded onto my kindle. ( I know, I am such a Saturday night party animal!) But knew I had to follow through with my original plan, even if I didn't feel like doing it. So I trudged downstairs and started this post which will be one that will say nothing, delve into more nothingness and do nothing more than I've already written above.


Reinforce the decision I made a few days back, allowing me to know I am complying with my original intention.....even if I have nothing to write or muse about in the moment. So I'll leave it at that, even in the nothingness of what I wrote, I myself know that it means a lot more than that!

Till Tomorrow,

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