Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Digital Framez

I remember when pictures were pictures and they sat motionless inside frames. But times have changed and now pictures are more then they used to be! With the increase of use of digital cameras and camera phones also came along the idea of the digital picture frame.

No longer stationary print outs to be tucked away till it's next viewing, with the popularity of digital frames, pictures are now becoming a more dynamic aspect of our lives to display themselves artfully within our lives.

With a wide variety of such digital photo frames, Digital Framez has a selection that ranges from 7" to 15" , interchangeable frame faces as well as portable dvd players. With any 10" frame order, they also offer a 256 SD memory card..for FREE.

Pick the perfect size to stylishly display your favorite digital photos on any wall in any room or just accentuate the entrance to a room. An entire range of photos can now be displayed artfully as they transition from picture to picture marking your most memorable events.

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