Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Changing or Improving

It came to me the other day that as much as I write I want to continue to change my life, it never occurred to me how open ended that statement was. Change is an abstract word that defines no particular course of action. Because in my experience I have the capacity to not only change for the better…….but to change for the worse.

So I need to redefine the terminology I myself use in order to clarify not only to those who read this but to myself…

My purpose in not just to change, but IMPROVE my life.

I was cruising through the world of the internet the other day searching for information in relation to setting goals and creating a plan of action for my life. What I found is the same thing being written in 50 different ways that I myself couldn’t relate to or apply to my life in any specific way. I’m not claiming the information wasn’t good or positive, it just wasn’t anything concrete my brain could wrap around in order to begin building a foundation upon for growth.

My experience with setting goals of any kind is that they all were based upon this idea of change. I never had a solidified goal because it was so loosely built upon changing and not improving. The definitions of these words do not reflect the same meaning and before I can set a goal of any kind I need to recognize that the words that my thoughts build themselves on have to be definitions that apply to the desired goal at hand.

Improvement is a term I can understand more then change.

It’s the little pieces of the bigger picture that I’m discovering make a world of difference in my own understanding of the universe at large. When I started this experiment the intention I released was based upon the concept of change…I wanted to know could I change my life? I found out that yes I could…but the results of his intended goal are blurry much like the original goal itself.

For someone like me I need to keep myself grounded in reality. In order to for me to set any particular goals I must first know what changes I can make that will improve the chances of me actually achieving a goal at hand. I need to discover where I am exactly in this moment in every area of my life and then I can decide upon a course of action that can begin to improve these areas.

I have broken myself down into a few parts (although there are many more that make me up) As a way to start seeing myself, for where I am……

  • Mental- My thought process and how I think about the world around me.
  • Emotional-My feelings and how they respond to the situations and circumstances of my life.
  • Spiritual-My beliefs…inner and outer about the world as well as myself.
  • Physical- the actions I display in my life that are a cumulative effect of the above three(mental, emotional & spiritual)

I think the reason setting goals for myself have been so difficult is because I was always so focused on the ends that I never took a moment to look at the “means” of which I was utilizing in order to achieve any particular goal. I have used the information about life that I have accumulated by default and ran with it; never stopping to see that the directions I was following were wrong.

All the aspects of myself are a reflection of what I believe. My life is a reflection of what I believe. In order to improve the outer conditions in my life, I must yet again dive within to discover the aspects of myself that are wired with the wrong information…….

But for this moment in time.........

I am a person in the process of improving a little at a time each and every day!

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