Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It Takes Courage

It takes courage.

I have lived a crazy life.
I don’t have tales of great love
I haven’t experienced much of the lighter side of life.
I don’t have stories of all the places in the world that I have traveled.

But I have run through the darkened depths of despair that is the streets of addiction and I have survived.

I can share stories of the insane lifestyle that is drug addiction.
I can share stories of my struggles of getting clean.
I can tell tales of the inept social welfare system.
I can share about the misfortunes of life that have helped form, shape and mold me into the woman I am today.

I can share of the courage it takes to be exactly who I am.

Of all the situations and circumstances I have walked upon and through in this path of my life, the common thread of experience that runs through them all is the struggle I encounter with allowing myself to be exactly who I am.

With no explanations.

Every time I think I have come to some level of acceptance of who I am…I discover that there is always more to be revealed in relation to the continued process of me becoming more.

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