Thursday, February 7, 2008

Merry Go Round

Much of my time was lived by default watching the years go by, as I clung to my limitations on the merry-go round of my life.

Around and around I go.

A flash of bright lights illuminating moments in time in a whirlwind of….


Each aspect blurring into the familiar colors of frustration that bleed into the picture of the world I have painted. The constant circular patterns that I have wandered in for so long, that at times leave me wondering if there is anything further then what I have already experienced.

I have learned to stop these cycles.
I have learned that my past does not have to be my present.

I have learned to get off the ride.

I made a decision yesterday that has catapulted me from the distorted comfort of this ride and I find myself now standing at a crossroads of sorts.


Do I go left?
Do I go right?
Do I go straight ahead?
Do I go backwards….and get back onto my merry go round?

Lost…..I feel lost.

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