Friday, February 8, 2008


My Grandmother is 92 years old. Up until a few months ago she was completely self sufficient, but as of late her health has begun to give her problems and my family had to make a decision to place her in a nursing home in order that she have the help available to her if needed.

The decision as to what type of home to place her in was one that was difficult. The options available were minimal and we could not much help with finding a place that we felt comfortable and she felt comfortable in. I came across a site recently called BetterCaring

" Bettercaring is a comprehensive care home search engine and a source of vital information on care."

Providing the answers to the many questions that cover the many different issues involved in long term care. When faced with the decision to place a loved one in a long term nursing home, the options available as to what one may want to look for is often an area many people do not consciously think about, until the time is upon them.

There are several areas one should explore before making this decision that relate to care information, here is where you can find additional information.

Care at Home- A few types that are explained are Care at home, respite care, continence care as well as other housing options. There are a wide range of ways in which you can get support and help to enable you to remain living in your own home.

Residential Care- For some this may be a positive option. Discover if this is the right type of care for you or your loved one and explore the housing options available.

Finance- There is a wide range of financial aspects one should explore when planning for long term care, as well as guidance for assistance

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