Friday, February 8, 2008

Simply Beautiful

Although there are many aspects of myself that I am always in the process of improving upon, there also exists within me the contrasts of such which allow me to see life in all it’s glory as………

Simply Beautiful…

I never owned up to this side of myself and never gave myself permission to express this side of me for fear of the rejection that might have followed in revealing myself completely and fully as who I am….

Simply Beautiful….

I have always had the capacity to look within myself and to look within others to not be dismayed by the outer circumstances of appearances or disguises that we tend to masquerade in throughout the course of our life.

Who I am.
Who you are.
Who we are.

Are all part of the same….just one strand of existence in the entire cosmic tapestry we all weave together through the course of our existence and of which we call life.

Defects of character.
The good, bad and the ugly.

Every shard of pain.
Every burst of joy.
Every crackle of laughter.
Every moment of kindness.

All the contrasting forces of life…the emotions that we carry are only fragmented pieces of the picture puzzle of life that come together in the grand scheme of the infinite universal timing of our lives.

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shannon said...

gorgeous!! what an uplifting post! we should all be in the process of improving ourselves- what a wonderful way to go about life!!

Polina said...

Yes, we are all the same - each of us is just a tiny part of the Whole. and we can't be less beautiful than the universe is:)

Polina said...

(i wanted to say "than Universe is", sorry for the mistake. could you, please, fix it somehow?)

Mighty Morgan said...

Sorry Polina...I can't edit the comments...not sure how if possible, but your point got across...Thank you