Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Path

I wandered outside tonight, feeling the inner need to connect to something bigger then the daily hum drum distractions of life.

I forget that the wonder and awe that wells up from the depths of my being is something I need to replenish by embracing the simplistic wonders all around me.

By embracing the invisible of the extraordinary etched delicately on the fringes of the universe.

Looking up, I began to wonder when the last time was that I had stopped long enough to bathe myself within the heavenly vision of the stars waltzing through the deep, blue twilight above.

It’s been a while.

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Dom said...

I know what you mean. I have always felt there was something more, right there on the edge of perception just waiting for me to find a way to understand it. I hope I will, some day..

Mighty Morgan said...

Thanks Dom....I find a strange comfort in knowing I am not the only one that goes through this stuff..

Be well!!!

amit said...

finding inner self is important