Friday, November 9, 2007


My word for today:

Surrender to win.

Give up, let go, relinquish control and feel the true essence of powerlessness. Within the the depths of inner surrender comes the greatest power of self-freedom one can ever experience.

I grew up with a lot of preconceived notions about the meanings of many words. It never occurred for me to look any further then the various vowels and consonants words were composed of or the limited meanings I held of them within my conscious mind. I never looked beneath their subtle disguise to embrace the greater truth they held within them….

To grasp the potential power they held within them.

The idea of surrender went against the grain of my being that demanded that I never give up, never relinquish control, never let em’ see me sweat and never ever, ever admit to defeat. I spent a lot of time hiding behind the masks of self-control that I wore on a daily basis, lost in the idea that if I could just convince the world at large that I was okay, then I would be okay……..but I wasn’t.

I was a big emotional cesspool…toxic to myself and toxic to others.

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