Friday, November 9, 2007


My word for today is:
Only when one can truly experience the moment through the eyes of acceptance. The path of change that leads to healing will never be seen, nor can it be traveled.

I held a solid 4.0 grade point average studying Anatomy and Physiology I & II, Calculus, Physics as well as other classes.

I worked as a home health aid caring for a 78 year old woman recovering from congestive heart failure as well as a broken hip.

I was one of twenty students chosen to study within the Physical Therapist Program.

I was listed on the Honor roll as well as the Dean’s list.

But beneath these pretty little decorations I adorned myself with..I was a full time lying, thieving, stone cold heroin addict.

I thought I hid the “other” part of my life from those around me…..but I was the only one who couldn’t see the truth that I desperately tried to camouflage beneath my academic accomplishments and care taking responsibilities..

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