Sunday, November 11, 2007


Tiny bubbles dancing in the wind, bursting with the vibrant colors of wonder, splendor and awe. Painting upon the canvas of our lives the infinite possibilities of our dreams.

Hope has been the fuel that has allowed me to persistently strive to change my life, improve myself and to be more then the very limits I have experienced.

Even when I was caught within the grips of my addiction, there was always that little something inside that whispered to me……that there was more.

More then the hopeless state I existed in.
More then a life chasing after the next one.
More than a life lived wasting away in the cesspool of addiction.

When the moment presented itself; that place within me of wanting, dreaming and wonder, allowed me to step onto the path that would lead me from the life of addiction I had lived for so long to a life I had forgotten was possible.

Hope paved my way to freedom.

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