Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mental Sketches

When I started thinking about creating a home without the constraints of money to whittle away the bigger picture, I came to realize how limited my thoughts have been in relation to ideas.

In some areas my mind is so free to think outside the so called "box", but in regards to money and things I equate with money.....those areas of my beliefs have been trained to stick with what is known.

I find it difficult to think outside the experiences of what I already know.
I find that my imagination struggles to create more then I know.

But I'm practicing.

I started filling a notebook with all the aspects I would like to include into this house I am creating.....geez who would of ever though there was so much in a house.

Living room.
Work areas.

I'm sure there is more that I will add to the list as time goes on, but for now just the few aspects I have written about are stretching my mind past it's current limits. When I really, really think hard and feel my way round what I want at times it's still hard to create a mental picture.

Because these are just ideas, not specifics.

I started to look through various magazines and such that relate to homes and house plans, just trying to get a few new ideas on what houses look like. What I mean with that is that I have a preconceived notion in regards to layouts of homes, based upon the experiences of being in different homes.

But I want to stretch past that.

There are a few aspects of myself that are helping me with this creative endeavor to create something from essential nothing. I know that when I start out creating a piece of artwork for myself or someone else, it starts with an idea....

I create a few sketches.
I start playing with colors.
Add in my own perspective.
Fill in details.

Step by step I use the creative process to make something come forth from within my mind and translate it into a visual picture. Without my mind and the process that accompanies it....the pictures I create would not exist.

So there is something to be said about the power of thoughts.

I have the inner knowledge of the creation process within me....I know this because I have the works of art that I have created through out my life. This process is very similar to that in respect that I am currently mentally sketching in my mind the idea that I would like to have created upon the canvas of my life....

Playing with ideas.
Adding in my own twist.
Discovering all the directions this can go in......

Realizing that there is no limits within the mind unless I allow them.


BillyWarhol said...

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Geoff said...

No doubt your home will be as inspiring as your writing and as beautiful as you are!

Susie said...

I always tell my daughters that if they believe they will fail when trying something new they will do that too, because the have already in their mind failed. But yet, it's so much easier to let those negative thoughts take over and restrict us. If thinking of failing make us fail, how come we have such a hard time believing that thinking of success will make us succeed?

Houston Home said...

You have a great blog. I will be a regular reader.