Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Treatment of addiction

As many of you may already know I am an addict in the process of recovery. I spent more then my share of years stuck in the grips, lost in the haze of active addiction. When I finally came to the point of surrender, I was fortunate enough to have resources available to me in order to take the initial steps in getting clean.

I had prior experience in relation to what service were available to me, so the process of finding help was not a difficult one. But I was lucky, for others this is not the case. I am often asked by people with drug abuse problems, as well as people effected by other peoples addiction problems about how to effectively approach finding a solution that works. My experience is that many people do not know how to find the help they may need or how to help someone who might require drug treatment for a substance abuse problem.

In the initial stages of treating different substance abuse problems there are a multitude of options one can choose from. But without the proper information as times this can become a hindrance in finding the help that is needed. There are many different facets in the process of drug rehabilitation that one must be aware of in order to effective begin the recovery process.

A person looking for treatment may not understand the many types of options available. For some a long or short term inpatient drug rehab may be the solution and for others choosing between a detox, outpatient or cognitive behavior therapy might be the factor that makes the difference in how successful the recovery process potentially can be.

I know how important it is to remember that many abuse issues that surround the use of drugs all have the common thread of addiction weaved through it, but that different people respond differently to the many types of treatment.

Although it is difficult to see that when enmeshed within the cycles of addiction, for many addiction is a life or death issue. People die each day and will continue to die because they are not aware of the help that is available to them if they seek it out.

The Internet offers many of the best vehicles to discover the many different treatment options and many of these services are free organizations that provide a wealth of information in regards to the available services to treat drug addictions.

A site that I refer to regularly is 1-800NoDrugs , it is a non-profit drug referral service that that provides the necessary information one would need in order to make a sound decision as to what type of treatment they may choose to participate within. They have people available 24 hours a day to specifically help those seeking treatment for their drug problems.

I know how many people I have seen die because of drug addiction and I also know that if they had the proper information available with the understanding that there are free services that would help them...maybe they could of found the help that could have saved their life.


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Mighty Morgan said...

Thanks for your input....although I do not believe that there is one "cure" for still is pleasing to know that exists other alternatives for those that have not found any other alternatives or relief from conventional methods. Congratulations on finding your freedom and I hope that you contnue to stay clean.