Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day One.. My Intentions

From the results that I am now living through the process of the first experiment, I have decided to kick this up a bit and go all the way out onto my own branch of uncertainty to try something very different for myself.

I write of the beliefs I have carried and the results that they have produced in my life. I also write about my willingness to embrace new beliefs that offer better results....that offer me the chance to create the world I choose to live in and not be subject to live a life drowning in the default hopes and misplaced dreams of others.

I learned that this is a world of action based results.

But my experience tells me that this is not correct, because the results I achieved through my actions have at best been mediocre in comparison to the effort I put forth.

There are specific situations and circumstances in my life that came about when I followed my heart and my emotions. When I did not adhere to the ideas and beliefs that have been shoved down my throat since childhood, when I opened my mind life seemed to just open itself wide to offer an amazing buffet of opportunities.

None of these started with any type of action...just possibilities and the thought of ....

"What if?"

What if I could stop doing heroin?
What if I could be drug free?
What could I do if I was clean?

Possibilities prompted by a mind that was willing to open itself up.

The best results I have ever delighted in has been through this process. Wondering, dreaming, fantasizing, imagining the possibilities and feeling the freedom and joy that was made available during the process.

Many people call this process The Law of Attraction. Which states that what you think about, you bring about. Sounds sort of simply and it is...once I get the hell out of the way.

Because this way of thinking goes against the grain of everything that I have been taught. But when I actually utilize it and really apply it...amazing things occur.

Back to the experiment.

So at the present time I am living back home with the folks. If you read through my first experiment then you know that at the beginning of that experiment I was on my way to being homeless, but was offered the opportunity to come and live at my parents home until I got my head back together.

Now I enjoy my family and I am very, very grateful that they have offered me the opportunity to live here and to work on my writing.....but I miss having my own place. I miss my privacy and I miss the freedom of living on my own.

Now in the interim I have been working part time and doing the typical thing of saving money to eventually move out. But the other day I started thinking how that is exactly the same thing I always to get menial results.

I started to see that I was limiting my capacity to see any possibilities around the concept of money or the "lack of". So I began thinking what if money was not an issue or a limitation, what if I could live anywhere I wanted, in any place I wanted, design a home any way I wanted, purchase anything I desired without thought to money.....

What would I create?

I certainly wouldn't be thinking of creating a small one bedroom apartment in someone's basement. I would create something beautiful. So my intention is NOT to save money and simply move into a place I can afford...but to ponder the equation backwards.

Create where I want to live with no limitations and discover if the universe will bring it into my experience.

Just the process itself feels a whole lot more empowering then thinking in a few months I will move into a small apartment all my own. It feels a lot better to think outside the constraints that the idea of money presents.

I know that whenever I set forth to begin something a whole new world becomes revealed so I think that if anything this could get interesting...not only for me but for you as well!

Until Tomorrow,
Mighty Morgan


Sibbia said...

I love this idea Morgan! And I really like it when you write in that , what might happen now? format.

Looking forward to following you through another experiment!


Mighty Morgan said...

Hey Sibba! I have to admit the challenge you presented me with a few weeks ago was the sparks of creativity that got this fire burning inside. it's funny how you think you have a hold on an area of your life and then upon further inspection you begin to realize...uh oh there is more to be revealed!