Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day 24 ... At Least the Burgers Were Good

I'm back -in DC.

Back from 5 weeks in row of traveling.

Today was the unveiling.
This woman.
My grandma.
I miss her.
Her great grandchildren miss her.

I shared my eulogy that I read at her memorial with you yesterday.
Today...I saw her memory disrespected. I saw my mother crushed.
I witnessed the opening scene of a Woody Allen movie. I can't take
credit for that comparison......It was Linda (see Post 22).

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Geoff said...

Soul Dancer....what can I say? Your post brought some tears to my eyes...very well written. Could I offer one piece of unsolicited advice and if you don't like it just delete my comment? You told me the unveiling is a year after the death right? While your grandpas actions hurt you and your family I've learned everyone grieves in their own way, and I doubt he feels those 66 years counted for nothing. Sometimes people in grief are so hard to understand and at 90 I'm sure that goes double for someone of that age. For what it's worth I wish I knew your grandma....she sounds incredible...and so lucky to have you as a granddaughter...bullheaded or not (wink). I would see your movie over and over. Much love. Geoff

Soul Dancer said...

thank you Geoff. Grandma Hilda was quite the character. I will never be at a loss for stories about her. I will let you know when the movie is in production!! May have to switch out Gere for Justing Timberlake as there is no time machine to get him back to American Giggolo looks!
Have a wonderful weekend,