Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day 23 ...In Loving Memory

I am in New York this weekend(again) for my grandma's unveiling ceremony. An unveiling is a ceremony that dedicates a grave monument erected for someone who passed away twelves months earlier.

Today's post is the speech I gave at her memorial service, with some minor changes for anonymity's sake.

I was asked to speak about my grandma today.......

I would first like to share a few memories.............

My cousin and I playing in the bathtub with very sophisticated toys - a whisk and a spatula!

Laying in bed with her for hours chatting about movies we liked while she was scratching my back or "doing my feet". On a side note to that I also remember how my Uncle would always get in trouble by my Aunt for getting a foot rub during the holidays. Somehow he was successful in sneaking it in!

I can’t sugarcoat things completely though. She had her faults, and I know this because as I get older I realize I share a lot of them. I, like grandma am very opinionated and feel I have the right to open my mouth whenever I want! It certainly caused us to bicker, and those are the arguments I wish I could have with her for a few more years.

But I also remember her fierce generosity! Sometimes it could be a bit scary as she would LITERALLY offer you the shirt off her back, in public, and she wouldn’t be wearing anything underneath.

But it also came in amazing forms, like effortlessly helping her grandchildren when they needed it! And providing a place to stay or a vacation home to escape to whenever we wanted.

I think all of her 7 grandchildren have very unique and amazing memories! One cousin absolutely loved her meatballs.....well not really!!!
My brother and I were constantly putting on shows for her! A favorite was our rendition of Mr. Roboto.

One cousin lived with her during her early twenties!

My oldest brother and my grandparents were known for their political debates.

And recently with her great grandchildren...well they loved her dearly.

Every single holiday in both my mom’s and Aunt's house consisted of two tables the adult table and the kiddie table, and Grandma could care less about the adults. She loved to be near her great grandchildren and hear their cries of Gigi.

I wish my nephews would have been able to experience her more. I am sure they are missing out and we will have to share the stories.......I think grandma got energy from all of us and that is why she loved being around the "kids".

On a lighter note, and it wouldn’t be a proper eulogy without it, it is going to be a much milder, less stressful year for waitresses this snowbird season in the Boynton, Boca and Delray beach area restaurants.

I am sure her children, my mom and Uncle could share a dozen anecdotes about her, but I think the outspoken nature skipped a generation and you are stuck with me...........but there are a million stories mom has told me that have made me giggle and I will ask her to repeat them often!

Surrounding grandma her whole life as we know was the love of her life, my grandpa. They were married 66 years;it is amazing to think of that. It is more than twice my life so far. And we will never forget the sweet quiet way in which my grandma used to call his name! Their success in marriage is a lesson for us all.

I love you grandma. Thank you for being the matriarch of this family.

Hope and Love,
Soul Dancer


Patricia Singleton said...

Soul Dancer, thanks for sharing these beautiful memories. Often in dealing with the bad memories, we forget the good ones. Thanks for the reminder. I had a special "grandma" too.

Nick Phillips said...

First time visiting your page, and I must say that was a great heartfelt post. I can relate a little to what your post. I was my grandma's pet grandchild and your post brought me back to the good old days with her :)

GO! Smell the flowers said...

All our heartfelt wishes,

GO! Smell the flowers.