Sunday, September 9, 2007

Day 22 ... The Disney Room

I have been having some trouble breathing. Every once in a
while I get this sharp pain in the middle of my back when I
inhale. It has happened to me for years, but of late it has
happened more frequently.

Finding a doctor in Washington DC who practices internal
medicine, and is WILLING to take on new patients is like
finding the literal needle in the haystack.

Yesterday, after MANY phone calls to rude receptionists who
practically hang up but instead bark back that they are at capacity,
I found a doctor RIGHT around the corner from my office. And they
had an opening today for 3:30.

I awoke this morning in MAJOR pain. Not any of this pain was
with my breathing, or lungs (which was my diagnosis - convinced
of lung cancer as I was a smoker of 15 years........WAS). I felt
as if a chef at Benihana had come into my studio apt and sliced
and diced every one of my ab muscles, as well as my lower back

I went to the gym yesterday.

I stated on Monday that my mother agreed to pay for a trainer.

She lied. Well.............I am exaggerating

The gym I go to charges $70 an hour.....IF you pay for 36 sessions
in advance.
Rightfully so, my mom quickly reneged the offer!

But like a good little Jew, I did manage to squeeze a Target trip
for gym clothes, as well as a Sports Authority trip for those new CEMENT DOESN'T want to sag....

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