Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day 7... Scab Pickin' Fool

I pick my scabs.

This is a gross unladylike habit.
I always thought that once I was an adult.
I would stop doing that.

Guess WHAT????

I haven't.

I suffer from chronic-scabpickulitus.

And you know you know what?

Fuck it.

What childhood oddities did you bring along with
you to your adulthood? I would love to know. Here
are a few other of my signature child to adult idiosyncrasies:

1. the previously mentioned scab picking

2. every time I eat a bagel, I take a bite of each
quarter, separating them, forming a bagel line. I eat the worst
quarter bagel first, and then end with the last BEST delicious
bite at the end.

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cotojo said...

my hair does it's own thing, can't do a bloody thing with it and my mother used to pin my fringe back with a, I don't do that but I do constantll flick it back, I also rub my chin when contemplating or deep in thought...and forever tripping over my halo, at least it gave up trying to throttle me :o)

GO! Smell the flowers said...

Childhood habits,

Lose them and you lose the child within...nose picking, bring it on, collecting navel fluf and sniffing it - even better...

Need us flowers GO! on?


Sicarii said...

I'll admit, I love having the last bite being the best bite like you! And, yes, idiots who don't speed up on a long one-lane stretch of road irritate the nose bloogers outta me too, lol!