Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 8 ... Letting Go

A favorite song of mine from Joe Cocker…..not so easy to do.

My friend, who started me on this process, and I have been
so connected of late…we are on this journey together. Today
on the phone, she brought up the topic of anger. I quickly
noted to her, that while in bed last night…I was thinking of
just that.

On this journey, I am not in any way unaware of the fact that
I have, “anger issues”.
Translation…I overreact a lot. I explode so quickly. Many times
it can be seen from the outside. But what is going on inside is
so much worse.

I literally can feel HEAT surging through my veins. And this is
not the good sexual heat…
oh god please LET ME FEEL THAT SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am talking about this explosion of bubbling lava blood
erupting throughout my body. Making me appear red all over…
a hot look for freckly chick like myself

There is no poker face.

There are no poker words.

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MAYA said...

Hi Mighty: I´m peruvian. So, please try to undertand my english. It´s very nice to know your space. I think people bring up the anger in anytime, but the the form to manage this felling is CONTROL. When anger appears in my life, I try to calm this feeling with good music, good lecture and good friends. It´s my form to manage this.

Good weekend and laugh a lot!!


Secret Simon said...

I suffer a lot with anger myself and have been talking about it on my blog. The posts How to Deal with Difficult Emotions and Quantum Light Breath deal with a couple of techniques I use. But basically what I think is happening is that we have a lot of suppressed anger inside us which needs to come out if we're to make progress. This is all about feelings we've suppressed in the past. So any little thing which doesn't go right in our lives tends to set it off. This is because the anger needs to come out. We need to give ourselves permission to express it - preferably without killing anyone! Joe Cocker's Letting Go says it all really. Just allow it to happen instead of holding it in. Of course, you don't want to lose all your friends, but you can rage a lot on your own! The Quantum Light Breath CD is brilliant if you can get hold of it. I was using it tonight and I feel a lot better. Being a guy, I taught myself not to cry. Now I need to learn how to do it again! That CD is really helping. All that anger is hurt that we need to express. (Even just realizing what's going on can really help.)

I found your blog through Blog Catalog by the way. Good luck with your transformation! You'll be a butterfly soon...