Sunday, August 19, 2007

Day 9... Priceless

I didn't write yesterday. I was busy........

Being part of a miracle of sorts. Though I didn't know the foundation of this miracle started my freshman year of college.

I met amazing women. Three. I don't keep in touch with them on the same time table. But there is instant comfort....instant love....and instant LAUGHTER.

We love each other.
I feel blessed.
In many different ways, we were all open and that allowed us to connect in a way that not all people can.

Throughout changes...and post-college life choices that could pull apart most, we remain friends.

We are cheerleaders rooting for each other.

We are hot chocolate on a snowy day and the feel of water on the hot humid haze of August.

I have never laughed so hard in my life. I couldn't breathe. My abs are sore. I was, still am elated.

At one point, my eyes glazed over.
I was diving within.
Feeling less than. Judging myself.

My friend noticed and asked, "Are you getting introspective?"

To which I replied, "Yes."

She knew why. She wouldn't allow me to think I was less than because I was single. She replied with a smile, immediately snapping me out of potential pity party, "Not on my time!"

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