Thursday, April 3, 2008

Online Backup

The Internet has created a new age in which we now live and work. Just about anywhere one goes in the world the world wide web has allowed us to connect in ways never imagined before it's inception; businesses rely on it's accessibility of the this new age of computer technology.

Where years ago information was typically stored in the form of paper documents, a lot has changed throughout the years. Today most information is stored as data, which needs not only to be stored but also is necessary to back up.

According to Remote Backup Systems......

"The Online Backup industry is growing rapidly. Some analysts predict the market will grow fourfold by 2011. Others predict twice that amount of growth.

Thousands of new customers sign up every day, from students with laptops to small businesses and corporations-and the level of uptake increases weekly. NOW is the time to grow with this exploding industry.

Computer users know they need to backup. Now you can make it easy for them and profitable for you. With our 21 years in the industry RBS can make it possible."

Why not look to RBS for you own online backup solution? Your own secure, automated system branded for your company. Founded in 1987, RBS has been providing online backup software used by Remote Backup Services in order to provide internet based online backups. In business for over 20 years RBS is one of the oldest online backup companies in the world. RBS is responsible fro defining the technical protocol that is the standard for moving backups of data files around the internet.

RBS has providers in more then 63 countries and is one of the most widely used online backup software on earth. Members of both the Better Business Bureau as well as the BBB Online.

Using the most widely used online backup software in the world, they offer high class features such as:
~Set and Forget Operation
~Automatic scheduling
~High Security
~Easy, automatic deployment
~Locked file support
~MS Exchange
~SQL Server
~Plus many other features

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