Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I can easily find myself getting lost in the the constant ebb and flow of life that I find my focus becomes a bit…..


Limited, not by life….but only by me.

At times it takes nothing more then the sweet, gentle caress of a passing breeze to nudge my inner spirit and re-awaken me to the path that is before me. Sometimes it takes a huge emotional catastrophe…..

Sometimes it just takes a broken car mirror.

I came outside my house last night on my way to the movies with friends…..and there it was smashed into a hundred and one fragments.

Jagged pieces of plastic strewn upon the street around my drivers side door. Random points in the darkness, illuminated by scattered reflections in the shards of mirror that lay motionless on the black asphalt.

All that remained attached to my drivers side door was a piece of dark black plastic that jutted about at a strange angle pointing slightly askew towards the road ahead of me.

Pointing me towards the road ahead of me.

I have gotten complacent in this journey recently…
Forgotten the path I stepped onto not so long ago…

Got lost in the minor details of wonder, simplicity and awe that is vibrantly painted upon this canvas of life with the colorful stokes of joy, happiness and well-being that oozes from the core of my being.

I had mistaken that in some way, shape and form that there was nothing more to be revealed.

Nothing more to pursue.
Nothing more to become.

I actually came to a place in which I felt satisfied..for a moment anyway.

And then the mirror……

Life speaks to me in ways that it knows I can comprehend. For some a broken mirror may be all they see, but for me I hear the voice from within that nudges me ever so lightly to tell me to keep moving forward…

There is more to be revealed…

More to learn…
More to see…
More to feel…
More to experience…

More to become…


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