Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Windows / Lower Heating Bill

The winter months can seem more than a little long at times. In addition to the drab chill outside, it seems that every year my heating bill was getting higher and higher on the inside. A friend I was talking to had an old home and old windows, and used Creative Energy’s expert advice to save money. Creative Energy (of Richmond VA) windows not only saved my friend after they were installed, but they also save them monthly on their heating expenses. During the summer months, the windows kept the house cool as well. I never knew that poor windows could cost me more per year than simply replacing the windows. I searched the entire area of Richmond, VA for windows and found Creative Energy. They were able to come to my home and estimate the amount of money it would cost me to replace my windows. I knew immediately I would save money.

The work done by Creative Energy was quick, clean and perfect. After my windows were replaced, I noticed that Creative Energy Exteriors dealt with sunrooms too and I immediately decided to extend my space to include that too. This summer I am going to love the lower cooling bills and the extra space my windows and sunroom extension provides.
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