Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hair Now....Hair Forever!

Are you losing your hair???
Those that experience thinning hair or hair loss spend billions per year looking for the solution to this ongoing problem. Although medications, creams and supplements may help some, there are those who spend a vast amount of their resources on these types of treatment with no significant results.

So what does one do????

According to Dr. Shapiro the best type of treatment for thinning hair or baldness
would be a hair transplant in which he explains......

" The most effective and affordable treatment for hair loss is a permanent hair transplant performed by an experienced, skilled surgeon. Ask to view surgical procedures and meet prior patients. Find out how long the surgeon has been performing hair transplants, how many surgeries they have performed and how many grafts they are able to do in a session. "

Dr. Lawrence J. Shapiro specializes exclusively in hair transplant surgery. This procedure is done by removing a small strip of the patients hairline. This strip is then fashioned into "micro/mini grafts" that are then inserted into incisions made in area that needs the attention. This painless procedure is performed in a comfortable environment and takes approximately 3-5 hours allowing the patient to go home the same day.

For more information regarding hair loss or hair transplants, Dr. Shapiro wrote an interesting article outlining several causes that could lead to this affliction, Causes of Hair Loss and a Permanent Solution-How to find a Qualified Hair Transplant Surgeon.

To find out more on this procedure or to read on Dr. Shapiro's professional history, please visit his site at Dr. Shapiro's Hair Institute.

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