Saturday, March 22, 2008

Break the Vault

I found a new site the other day that offers prizes and money for online contests. If your a fan of games that involve using your mind, this may be the site for you! As a member of the site you have an unlimited amount of chances to solve each game, the first to do so then wins either a prize or cash, depending on the difficulty level of the game. For the cash payouts, obviously the games are more difficult and one has to use their brain an bit more.

How it works is every Monday EST a new contest is release, every day after at noon EST a clue is released, until the game is finished. Each new clue replaces the prior one, so if your not sure keep coming back daily to check the status of the game. If by chance the game is solved prior to the week ending a new contest will be launched mid-week, so there is always a running and available for play.

Break the Vault offers a wide variety of games for play such as "Where in the World" a geography based game that offers clues to lead you to a specific destination. Other categories are living things and proper names.

Winners of cash prizes can be paid preferably by paypay, but if necessary payment can also be made by check. There is always a winner for each contest and a backup winner if the first doesn't come through.

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