Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Day 19... Old Habits Die Hard

Midway Inventory.

I have learned some things............
I have fixed a few of them
I am working on others
Failing at a few

Overall in a better place than where I first started.

I am writing this in the guest room of my parents' house in
Long Island. Overall, the weekend has been amazing. Lots of
nephew time, lots of of family time, and great food. FYI no sex.
I think I will need to address this in another post!

AAAAHHHH the food. Pushing a size 14 amongst an immediate
family which includes the following:

- A brother who works out 3 separate times a day, be it karate,
tennis, weights, or other cardio, and who follows the Okinawan
way of life (shudders when you call it a diet)......he is less than
5 % body fat
- A sister in law who is a size 4 - looks great and seems to like
the same food as me, however CONTROLS herself and exercises!
- A friend who has absolutely become a thin yet vivacious
- The piece de resistance - a mom who is a size 2 petite with

Great right!

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Patricia Singleton said...

Soul Dancer, I am a size 16, down from a size 20. I don't really diet. I choose small ways to change my eating patterns. Since you have visited my blog recently, you know that I am an incest survivor. I have said and I honestly believe that when I have no more incest issues to work on, then I will lose down to my perfect weight and stay there.

Overeating to stop feeling has been my comfort zone in the past. With the articles that I have been writing lately, I have done some overeating to deal with the feelings that my writing are bringing up. The change is that I have the awareness of what I am doing and stop sooner.

The secret to the 20 pounds that I have lost and kept off in the past few years comes from accepting myself where I am when I am there. Acceptance has to come first. Until you accept where you are, nothing changes.

Keep writing what you are feeling. It does help and nobody says feelings have to be logical. Have a glorious day.