Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The next steps....

I began this experiment as a desperate last attempt to discover more.

All that I had known.
Though I knew.

Wasn't enough to for me to want to keep myself in the world I lived in.

Life is simply a reflection of what you know
...and something within me knew more then I did.
I challenged myself on a level in which I never found the. courage to do so before.

The pain in my life, the disappointment and disillusion I felt in every moment was the driving force that led me to find another way. To redefine the abstract nature of what life was described to be, as I was told life was by those who taught me.

I am a miracle.
You are a miracle.
We are all miracles.

They are not events that take place high in the sky separate from us in someway. They are only the simple wonder of once again finding the absolute bliss, magic and awe that life contains.

Within the struggles of everyday life.....
Miracles occur daily.

I was always looking into the sky for them and so I missed them appearing before me.

I don't look for them in the sky any more.
I found them within myself and within the people I encounter in life.

I also found a few angels on this journey of mine.
Not the ones I was taught to believe in...

Nothing appeared out of the sky.
No heavenly images appeared.
No harps played music.

Just people taking a risk to guide someone else closer to their dreams.

Yesterday I got an e-mail from this angel....
Yes they can e-mail..

They asked if they could create a Word Press account for me to continue my blog on....
I accepted and humbly and gratefully say thank you to the Angel that wishes to stay unknown.

So I will begin posting there
the new address is.....

Process of a miracle..the next steps

I wasn't sure what to do with this blog...
It had given me such an opportunity to redefine my life.
I didn't want to post the same stuff on two different blogs.

So what should I do????

A couple of weeks ago an old friend of mine found me on My Space.
It's been years since we have seen each other and both our lives had drifted very far from the common ground it once existed on.

She's gone through many of the same struggles I have as well as many I have not.
She has a different story to tell....

But it's the same path we all journey upon when desperate for the truth of change.

I challenged her to do what I had done.
I challenged her to challenge herself.

Scared and fearful she agreed.

Another 30 days with another miracle .

Another Woman....
Another Story..
Another Journey...

Watch the next Miracle unfold.....

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Dirk Hanson said...

A very smart woman in a similar situation came to a very simple but useful conclusion:

Love is who you are. It's not who you want, or need, or worship in the world. It's not a thing to be sought. It's who you are.