Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just a small introduction to my Dad

Before I get to day 17 I have to share a little story about my Dad.

He's just as screwed up as most people in this world and has created quite a bit of internal damage within me through the years.

But he is one funny bastard.

It's about 10:45pm and he want to just go to sleep.
But theres a bunch of kids hanging around the front yard because of a block party thats going on.

Some would simply go outside and ask them to maybe quiet down or move away...

But that's not my Dad.

He has his own way of communicationg with the world.
He zoomed out of his bedroom, stopped in looked at me on the computer and simply said...

"Gotta water the lawn"

I ignore him because half the time I'm not on the same train his thoughts are running on.

A few minutes later I hear shrieking outside, he comes back up the stairs and tells me...

"Your brother installed the sprinkler system perfectly."

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