Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mental Sketches

I remember a time before the prominent ideas and beliefs that have shaped the life I have lived were not present.

Before any seeds of ideas would grow into my own.
Before any beliefs became firmly planted in my mind.
Before the limitations of others became the very experience of my life.

Somewhere in the span of time between then and now I find that the power I had within me as a child is something that has been pushed down into the deepest parts of my being, patiently waiting for the point in time when I would recognize this aspect of myself again.

When I would start embracing the power of believing again..

The many concepts that composed my beliefs became weakened from the weight of inconsistencies they had been built upon. This foundation of my life eventually crumbling into a million shards of half truths and lies allowing me the ultimate opportunity to free myself from the chaos and confusion that had grown into a self made prison

Into the deepest, darkest corners of my being I traveled to discover all I held to be true offered no validity in relation to life I was living. I became willing to fully and completely let go of the aspects of myself that had served only to keep me trapped in a life of limitations. I took accountability for the role I would play within my life, I took responsibility for the person I had been, was and….

I found the courage to be the woman I am today..

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