Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spiritual Muscle

I forget that in the moment my little fears and petty frustrations are just my spiritual muscles working out…


I have lived most of my life running back and forth between two points for something, anything to take away my inner discontent. My world reduced to the situations and events experienced between those points.

An illusion I painted…one I’ve clung that has kept me trapped.

Before anything can expand…first it must contract.

I have been very caught up in fear and uncertainty…confusing one with the other, although they don’t even by definition mean the same thing.

Fear causes my world to contract.
Uncertainty forces it to expand.

Each and every time I go through my “moments” of inner turmoil I have come to realize it’s part of my spiritual workout.

Fear is the treadmill of the past I run upon.
Sadness the heavy dumbells I lift again and again.
Doubt the strain in my ab muscles working through the pain.

Anger the burning desire to become spiritually fit…the fire from within that allows me to shed the years of emotional “weight” I have carried disgused as my beliefs for way too many years.

Uncertainty…..knowing that the possibilities for who I want to be are as endless as the deep dark of the midnight sky.

No pain…No gain.

My world is expanding before me as I flex my newly formed muscles.

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