Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Falling

It has been unseasonably warm for this time of the year and the normal display of Mother natures spectacular brush stokes of color upon the canvas of autumn has been detained.

But they started changing recently.

I love the contrast of colors against the clear crisp autumn sky. The vibrancy of the red, orange and yellows bursting with life as they transform from the the steady greens of summer into the flecks of color that glitter in the sky above.

The beautiful colors always provide me an inner comfort that validates the beauty that exists within the constants of change that are always occurring.

And the leaves…… they fall.

A simple caress from the whispering wind releases the life from above in a cascade of glittering gold caught in a stream of sunlight; guiding these treasures gently and lovingly to the next phase of existence down to the world below.

The yellows waltz, flickering in the sunlight.
The oranges twist and turn, twirling through the air.
The reds glide gently on the ebb and flow of the autumn breeze.
Gently, softly, quietly with ease they settle to the ground below.

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1 comment:

happy said...

i love the colors of autumn as well. i actually want to have the said colors as the motif of our wedding.